Megan Rourke

Community-led Housing and Self-Build Projects Manager


Megan is an architect specialising in community engagement, development, and placemaking. Before joining the Spring Cohort 2023, she was a project architect at Mæ Architects. There, she participated in a number of public exhibitions, stakeholder engagement workshops, and participatory design exercises, focusing on the creation of community-inclusive housing, public buildings and masterplans. In addition to her work in private practice, Megan has worked with local government and think tanks on the development and regeneration of social and community infrastructure alongside urban strategy policies, papers and commissions. 

Megan has also taught an undergraduate design studio at Monash University, Australia, focusing on everyday cultural practices undertaken by local communities and the role that urban infrastructure holds in supporting these practices. She is passionate about furthering research and development in the built environment, contributing to a number of architectural forums, debate panels, and journals.

Spring Cohort 2023

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

As a co-housing and self-build manager, Megan worked across several roles, skill sets, and Council directors during her placement. She collaborated with the Housing and Regeneration team to lead and coordinate multi-agency teams and manage large-scale development agreements. Megan also managed direct delivery projects, contributing to the Housing Supply Service’s overall housing development programme and the provision of the Council’s Employer’s Requirements and Design Guide. Additionally, she up-skilled the team in more technical aspects of design and housing development, provided detailed project delivery and management expertise, and oversaw a series of legal, architectural, development and procurement matters. Megan continued implementing her architectural and urban design knowledge throughout her work, positively and proactively contributing to affordable housing development in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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