Associate Programme

Guide for Authorities

This page explains the process of hiring through our Associate Programme and answers some of the most frequently asked questions

Our Associate Programme is a leading job placement scheme that recruits mid-career built environment professionals into placemaking roles in the public sector.

Recruitment occurs twice a year and consists of a large campaign and a multi-stage assessment process before a unique matching process where an Authority is matched with a candidate.

Authorities submit a role within a given window and, if eligible, is considered for 'matching' with one of the candidates that Public Practice has approved via a multi-stage assessment process that happens concurrently.

If both the Authority and Candidate believe they could be a good fit, they jump straight to a second stage interview, and if successful, negotiate contracts and carry out necessary employment checks before starting in post.

How is it any different to a normal recruitment service?

It is a unique mass-hiring process to attract talent from the private secotr. Candidates apply to become an Associate and join our programme, but they don't apply for a specific job and look to Public Practice to help guide them in what job would best fit them.

All jobs need to start around the same time as Associates form a cohort and join a training programme to support their transition into public sector roles.

Authorities looking to recruit hard-to-reach talent ....

Who can recruit an Associate?

Any public sector organisation based in England with an eligible job position can apply to recruit an Associate. This includes:

  • Local Authorities
  • Groups of more than one Authority
  • Development Corporations
  • Publicly led delivery vehicles
  • Hospitals or other public bodies

What roles does the programme recruit for?

The Associate Programme is specifically for roles with a full-time equivalent salary range of £30k - £55k.

They must also be eligible for someone without prior public sector experience, and the role must be suitable for a candidate from at least one of our eight built environment disciplines:

  • Architecture
  • Ecology & Environmental Science
  • Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Surveying
  • Town & City planning
  • Transport Planning
  • Urban Design

The roles are required to be a minimum of 12 months in contract length, often they are longer and sometimes permanent positions.

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