We believe in the power of equipping local government with quality, diverse in-house design, engagement, sustainability, data, planning and commercial skills.

We believe:
  • PUBLIC SECTOR: We believe that the public sector is where an impactful change to the built environment can truly be made. In its best form, the public sector is representative of all communities and serves the public; has the tools, systems and frameworks to be innovative and take leadership; and has the power to take a longer-term view.
  • BUILT ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL: We believe that the built environment is where the symptoms and solutions to society’s most complex challenges are played out. Be it the lack of housing, access to clean air or the feeling of belonging in public spaces. By improving places in the short and long term, we believe we can have a positive impact on people's lives.
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH: We believe that places are complex and that an interdisciplinary approach with a diversity of thought, experience and skills is required to tackle critical spatial issues of our time from housing inequality to climate justice.


  • Equality because everyone should have an equal opportunity and the freedom to make the most of their needs, ambitions and talents.

  • Diversity because different lived experiences bring a diversity of thought and are critical to solving societal inequality.

  • Inclusion because everyone should have the ability to access experiences, knowledge and opportunities fairly.

  • Excellence because it is important to aim to do the best we can do, in whatever we do.

  • Entrepreneurship because there are always new ideas and solutions to existing problems and new problems to solve.

  • Pragmatism because by being realistic and practical you get things done in practice and that doesn’t dampen ambition.

  • Openness because being transparent about what, how and why we do what we do enables trust and learning.

  • Trust because human relationships are important and by sharing power and supporting each other we make the best decisions.

  • Respect because no one person knows best or can make a change in a complex system as an individual.