Public Practice is supported by public, private and third sector organisations that share our commitment to working in the public interest and that recognise the importance of good public planning. Their donations have helped establish Public Practice as an independent not-for-profit social enterprise and support the core running of the organisation.


We believe that to improve the quality and equality of places in practice we must engage with different sectors involved in shaping the built environment. That is why our Partners are made up of public, private and third sector organisations.


Local Authorities pay the salaries of Public Practice Associates. The costs of running the organisation are covered mainly by placement fees from participating Authorities and contributions from Partners. For 2019/20, 75% of Public Practice’s income came from placement fees and other trading income, 13% from Partners and 12% from grants.

All Partner income comes without restriction, which means that Partners have no say as to how Public Practice chooses to spend their contributions. The funding provided by Partners enables us to: keep our placement fees to Local Authorities at affordable rates; means we don’t have to charge Associates to take part in the programme so that we are able to attract the most diverse candidates we can; and allows us to invest in research and development.

Partners provide feedback on Public Practice's communications, advocacy and research, attend events, and receive public acknowledgement of their support. To prevent any conflicts of interest Partners have no involvement in how Associates are selected, where they are placed, or what work they do.

Our Partners

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