Planning with Young People

Workshops For Engaging Young People in Strategic Planning

This workshop toolkit was published in August 2020, produced by Carmel Keren, Matthew Brown and Olivia Halper alongside their Practice Note asking, 'How can Authorities best involve young people in planning and regeneration?'

The materials below are designed for public sector organisations, in partnership with secondary school teachers, to actively engage young people in an Authority's development of strategic planning documents and long-term regeneration projects at three different stages:

  • Workshop One – The Urban Trail: for evidence collection at the start of a strategic planning or regeneration project.
  • Workshop Two – The Strategic Planning Game: to help set the vision and objectives during the early stages of a strategic planning or regeneration project.
  • Workshop Three: Mock Planning Committee: to gather detailed feedback on emerging spatial strategies, policies and proposals.

To kick off the workshops, the toolkit also includes a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to facilitate an introductory lesson on strategic planning.

Tags: #CommunityEngagement, #StrategicPlanning
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