Sustainable Stewardship

Setting-up structures for community-led governance on strategic sites

The delivery of large-scale developments faces many challenges, not least enabling the community to play a meaningful and ongoing role in shaping the future of a new place. Establishing structures to allow a proactive approach to community asset management and long-term development at the start of a project, alongside a clear governance framework, can ensure broad stakeholder participation and empower local people.

This Case Study is based on work carried out by Dan Daley during a year-long placement (April 2019 - March 2020) as Masterplanning and Delivery Coordinator at Ashford Borough Council. It reflects on the non-profit stewardship model established to allow stakeholders to work together to deliver, manage and maintain a high-quality urban extension at South of Ashford Garden Community.

Tags: #CommunityLed, #StrategicPlanning, #NewCommunities, #Stewardship