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How can local authorities facilitate meanwhile use for long-term community benefit?

Pop Down

Meanwhile use can be a powerful tool for local authorities to create temporary or short-term value from underused or unused land and buildings. Together with adaptive reuse of existing structures, meanwhile use can provide opportunities for community formation and interaction, or trial new uses such as affordable workspace.

However, for some communities the term has come to be associated with gentrification and disenfranchisement. There is a risk of opposition to new uses arising where meanwhile is not developed together with the local community and for the longer term. This Practice Note explores how authorities can develop or facilitate meanwhile use projects that create lasting benefits forexisting communities.

Drawing on insights from a series of walking tours, roundtable talks, and workshops, the Practice Note sets out some of the key challenges Authorities face when facilitating meanwhile use and presents findings and recommendations to help guide authorities developing this type of use.

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Authors: Akil Scafe-Smith,
Tags: #CommunityLed, #Meanwhile, #Engagement