Planning with Young People

How can Authorities best involve young people in planning and regeneration?

This Practice Note, first published in August 2020, explores ways of proactively involving young people in strategic planning, putting their engagement at the forefront of the process. Drawing on research carried out during year-long placements at the London Boroughs of Greenwich, Haringey, Southwark, Newham and Croydon, Carmel Keren, Matthew Brown and Sophie Beagles set out measures that Authorities can take to better engage young people in strategic planning and long-term regeneration projects. It is accompanied by a workshop toolkit that Authorities can use to facilitate engagement with young people.

Within this Practice Note, a list of key recommendations is proposed for Authorities seeking to improve youth engagement in strategic planning and regeneration. These include:

  • Building direct and long-term relationships with schools, colleges and youth programmes
  • Working with teachers and supervisors to consider how workshops can be integrated into the wider curriculum
  • Using smaller scale examples to demonstrate strategic impact
  • Using different forms of data collection to maximise opportunities for feedback

To see the complete list of recommendations and learn how to put them into practice, download the PDF below.

Tags: #YoungPeople, #CommunityEngagement, #StrategicPlanning
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