Practice Note

Planning Ahead

What are the best ways to deliver design-led pre-applications?

Planning Ahead

Pre-application plays a fundamental role in the planning process. When successful, it can achieve better quality development by collaboratively addressing issues upfront – or planning ahead. However, there are currently significant variances in pre-application services and fees across Authorities.

This Practice Note explores ways of improving quality by building a design-led approach into the pre-application process. Drawing on research carried out during a year-long placement in the London Borough of Havering, it sets out a series of simple steps that Authorities can take to make pre-applications deliver better results for officers, applicants, communities and councillors.

The Practice Note is accompanied by an easy-to-use checklist for Authorities and a benchmarking review of publicly available information on pre-application services in London.

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Authors: Rachel Hearn
Tags: #PreApplication, #PlanningProcess, #Design, #Digital, #DevelopmentManagement