Making Net Zero Happen

Achieving low carbon standards for new homes through the development management process

London’s Authorities are facing the immense challenge of building more affordable homes while dealing with increasing capital build costs at a time when their budgets have never been tighter. At the same time, they need to address their own Climate Emergency Action Plans.

This Case Study by Andrea Jung charts the process of realising two low-carbon new build housing projects under the Affordable Homes for Newham (AHfN) programme, showing how these types of increasingly complex projects can be managed effectively. It discusses how to make the financial case for achieving certified Passivhaus standard, low-carbon heating and microgeneration, and how Authorities can demonstrate good ‘clienting’ of these projects.

The document sets out key recommendations for how to:

  • Set out a clear brief when procuring a project team for a Passivhaus project
  • Ensure the right team is present at the right stage
  • Coordinate with internal stakeholders
  • Set sustainability KPIs

Download the Case Study below to learn more.

Tags: #DevelopmentManagement, #Council-ledHousing, #Passivhaus