Making Net Zero Happen

How can Authorities target the highest standards in energy performance for new council-led homes?

This Practice Note explores how officers embedded within the Council’s planning and development service can improve the quality of development and ensure that climate emergency pledges are implemented on the ground. The paper sets out an approach for officers who wish to make the case to senior leadership for targeting the Passivhaus Standard across their direct delivery housing programmes.

Drawing on practice experience during a year-long placement in the London Borough of Newham (April 2019 – 2020) by Helen Evans, this Practice Note sets out a series of measures that Authorities can take to deliver low-energy homes.

The Practice Note makes nine key recommendations:

  • Identify sustainability allies, particular those in Leadership and Head of Department levels
  • Build capacity in the team using the Senior Sustainability Manager Job Description Template as a guide
  • Expand the brief and allow space for it to develop
  • Shape procurement decisions, ensuring every tender evaluation panel has at least one member with sustainability expertise
  • Work 'bottom up' – start small but think big.
  • Take advantage of existing networks to help inform implementation plans
  • Use internal and external consultation in parallel
  • Embed a culture or ongoing learning
  • Undertake a whole-life cost analysis with finance teams

Download the Practice Note to find out the reasoning for these recommendations and ideas for how to translate them into practical action. Take a look at the associated toolkit, including a Senior Sustainability Manager Job Description Template, a draft Low Energy Design Strategy Proposal, an Implementation Plan Template and Passivhaus FAQs.

Tags: #Council-ledHousing, #DeCarbon