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Home Delivery

How can public sector housing delivery teams share knowledge to improve design quality?

Home Delivery

Council-led housing is undergoing a renaissance, with a growing number of local authorities directly engaged in housing delivery. This new generation of public housing is helping to meet local housing need and raise the bar on quality through innovative approaches to design and delivery.

However, there currently is a lack of coordination in how authorities achieve and measure design quality. This is leading to officers having to discover (and sometimes re-invent) tools and methods by themselves. This Practice Note explores ways to efficiently track, analyse, and share knowledge and best practice across authority boundaries.

Drawing on research carried out during a year-long placement at the London Legacy Development Corporation, it sets out a series of measures that authorities can take to establish efficient information sharing over the long-term.

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Authors: Gwenaël Jerrett
Tags: #Design, #DesignGovernance, #Council-ledHousing