Social Regeneration

Embedding estate regeneration into broader strategies for improving social infrastructure

Many local authorities are now taking a lead role in estate regeneration, often directly delivering housing for the first time in decades. Ambitious councils are building more than just new homes, prioritising place-based strategies, working with residents and the local community to envision and deliver better public realm and social infrastructure, alongside innovative, needs-based housing mixes and typologies. In-house engagement officers are designing and facilitating inclusive, genuine engagement processes to ensure the needs and aspirations of residents are met.

This case study was produced by Arman Nouri and Jorge Roman Rodriguez as part of year-long placements (October 2019 - 2020) at London Borough of Enfield focused on the council’s flagship estate regeneration of Joyce and Snell’s, in Angel Edmonton. Led in-house, with a focus on doubling the number of homes at council rent, the scheme marks a new model for the local authority. The case study was published in April 2021 and reflects on community engagement, place-based development strategies and social infrastructure.

Tags: #Council-ledHousing, #CommunityEngagement, #ResidentBallots, #SocialInfrastructure