Context-Led Design

How can Authorities promote context-led design through character appraisals and guidance?

Local, regional, and national policy have increasingly raised the importance of achieving high-quality design and the need for local authorities to promote it through the production of design guidance and analysis of existing character. There is also an increasing focus on context-led design, particularly in dense places such as London where it is key to ensure that new developments respect and respond to existing built form.

This Case Study is based on practice reflections from Mariana Schiller and Tamara Kahn's year-long placements in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. During their placements, they delivered design guidance for the central part of the borough in the form of the Central Area Good Growth Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

The Case Study gives details on the creation of the character appraisal and design guidance, and the lessons learned have been distilled and are shared as recommendations for other Authorities embarking on similar processes. Download the Case Study below to find out what they are.

Tags: #DesignQuality, #SmallSites, #Housing