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Authority Participation Strategy Workshops Toolkit

Jul 27, 2021

Although constrained, Authorities are well-positioned to devise and implement meaningful public participation strategies. In order for a strategy to be effective, strong internal networks across departments as well as good external networks of relationships with diverse stakeholders and communities are required.

A group of workshops templates have been developed by Umi Baden-Powell and Olivia Halper to assist Authority officers to lay the foundations for developing a participation strategy.

First published in August 2020, the toolkit includes:

  • ROLES DECK: Foundational roles required to develop a public participation strategy within a local authority
  • ROOT CONSIDERATIONS DECK: Opportunities and constraints and consideration at the outset of any work by a local authority officer towards developing a public participation strategy.
  • SWOT WORKSHOP DECK: Template for fostering dialogue and collaboration needed to uncover and strengthen the roots and unlock the resources and roles which will be used in the development of a public participation strategy.
  • RESOURCES DECK: Essential ingredients for success in developing a public participation strategy in a local authority.

The full toolkit and guide for use can be downloaded below.

Tags: #CapacityBuilding, #CommunityEngagement
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