Agile Procurement

Supporting transformation through data transparency

Officers in Local Planning Authorities work with and create new data on a daily basis. New cloud-based tools offer opportunities to manage data more effectively and drive digital transformation. However standard approaches to procurement often result in IT solutions that are slow, unwieldy and expensive. This case study illustrates how taking a more agile approach to procurement can use data more transparently, save time and money, and support organisational change.

The case study is based on the experience of procuring a time tracking tool to enable accurate, real-time reporting on key staff tasks and areas of activity. It shows how finding an efficient and unobtrusive way of identifying how colleagues’ efforts are spent can help manage programmes of work across departments and Authorities. Through this process, wider lessons have been learnt which have applications to procurement more broadly, as well as the potential to improve business operations through the application of data held in diverse operational functions.

This work is based on a project carried out by Tom Smethurst as part of a year long placement as a Programme Manager within the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service (GCSPS) between Autumn 2019 and Autumn 2020.

Tags: #Digital, #CapacityBuilding, #Resourcing
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