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Urban Design

Good quality design is at the heart of successful placemaking. Local authorities are at the forefront of ensuring our communities are well-designed, healthy, and inclusive places. The importance of high design standards is recognised by the Government, and the new emphasis on local design codes is pushing councils to diversify and expand their in-house design skills.

Local authorities need experienced design professionals to work alongside Planners to ensure that they are using the planning system to drive up quality, from concept to consent and through to completion. By bringing in design expertise, local authorities can free up Planners to focus on the core elements of their role and address the capacity issues they face in placemaking teams.

Urban Designers working in the public sector can work across a wide range of teams and projects. From working on design codes and developing strategic design guidance, to maximising the use of public land and assets. As local authorities begin to directly deliver housing for the first time in decades and take a more active role in the social infrastructure of their communities, there has never been a better time to enter the public sector as an Urban Designer.

Read more about projects that Associates worked on during their placement in an Urban Design role below.

Examples of Design Guidance made by Local Authorities

Common Job Titles

The list below shows common job titles the we have recently recruited to that fall under this grouping:

  • Planning Officer (Design)
  • Placemaking Officer
  • Place Shaping Officer
  • Senior Strategic Planner (Urban Design)
  • Senior Urban Designer
  • Landscape and Public Realm Project Manager
  • Senior Regeneration Officer
  • Senior Project Officer
  • Principal Urban Designer
  • Urban Designer
  • Principal Conservation Officer

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Associates who were matched with an Urban Design role

Principal Urban Designer


Senior Urban Design Officer


Principal Urban Design Officer


Central Area Design Guidance Project Officer


Urban Designer


Urban Designer