Place Shaping Officer

Ramiro is a Brazilian-trained architect, urban designer and planner. Prior to joining Public Practice, he held different roles coordinating multi-disciplinary teams on projects in the public, private and third sectors. From 2009 to 2013 he worked on projects related to the network of public spaces and parks design in São Paulo, his home town. Since 2013 he acted as a consultant on public policies focused on city-wide municipal urban development, sanitation and mobility plans through Risco arquitetura urbana, having led social-spatial diagnosis and planning initiatives focused on inclusion, equity and right to the city in 17 different Brazilian municipalities. In 2014, Ramiro also co-founded Cidade Ativa, a not-for-profit organisation recognised for its leading role on walkability and active design in Brazil.

Part of the second cohort of Public Practice, Ramiro joined Westminster City Council as a Placemaking Officer. He contributed to developing the Council’s sustainable, place-shaping strategies across key priority areas such as Paddington, Victoria and Harrow Road.