Sustainability Lead

Prior to joining Public Practice, Rafe Bertram worked for Foster+Partners for 18 years, running projects ranging from tents for the Red Cross to retail venues for Apple and eco smart cities. Sustainability is Rafe’s personal passion and he approaches each project as a vital opportunity to diminish environmental impact and enhance social benefit. Some of his most recent projects are smart sustainable cities in California, a masterplan for an evolving university campus in England and innovation in prefabricated buildings.

As part of the third cohort of Public Practice, as Sustainability Lead for Meridian Water, Enfield’s flagship £7bn regeneration programme of an 85-hectare site, Rafe worked with Directors, Heads of Service, the community and partners to drive Enfield’s vision for Meridian Water as the greenest development in London. He formulated and implemented a strategic approach to making Meridian Water a low carbon area, including building energy-efficient homes, integrating sustainable transport options, making excellent use of water, improving air quality, ensuring the development of a healthier place and significantly reducing the use of non-renewable resources.

Rafe is now Sustainability Facilitator at Enfield Council, continuing his work on embedding climate strategy at each stage of the project process. He developed a Job Description Template to aid Authorities in defining the role of a Sustainability Facilitator in their own teams.

You can contact Rafe via his LinkedIn account.

You can watch Rafe's Associate Story video here.