Lauren is an ARB registered Architect with a track record of delivering mixed-use regeneration schemes and meanwhile use projects across London; from rooftop additions designed to maximise capacity of dense urban sites within the tight constraints of the London View Management Framework, to setting out potential options for temporary creative reuse of historic assets. She has acted as Practice Mentor for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and the NLA, is co-founder of OSA, a student-led print magazine that aims to encourage conversations and learning across the university environment; and volunteers for Planning Aid for London providing free support on town planning and development for people and communities who can not afford professional advice.

As a Public Practice Associate, she supported the delivery of strategic projects within London Borough of Hounslow, particularly in the Great West Corridor and Heathrow (West of Borough Plan) by providing urban design advice alongside managing and coordinating the design review panel and expanding its role in reviewing major schemes. Her role has also involved developing planning briefs, supplementary planning documents and masterplans and providing design input for developing visions, masterplans and planning policy guidance for the borough’s four town centres. More recently she has been working to formalise design services across multiple teams within the Local Authority to ensure design is a fundamental component across all RIBA Work Stages.

You can contact Lauren via her LinkedIn account.