Open Call

Do you work in a placemaking team in the public sector?

We are launching an open call for case studies that explore “Everyday England”, including stories of successful or interesting work you and your team would like to capture and share across the built environment industry.

The Brief

Public Practice is a social enterprise that believes the role of the public sector is crucial in creating and managing everyday places that work for everyone.

We will be publishing our first industry print magazine in the new year, and we want it to help capture, celebrate and demystify the work of public sector placemaking. Going behind the scenes to shine a light on the processes and details, uncover stories, and explain the complexities of your work and the critical role this work plays in shaping our every day for the better.

We are particularly interested in projects and work by placemaking teams tackling equality, health and wellbeing.

Public park in Brighton
Who is eligible?

Anyone or any team working in the public sector in England and involved in place-based roles has a project they would like to publish.

Why submit?

If selected, you and your team's work will be featured in our publication; we will come and visit your offices, capture imagery and assist you with writing up and recording your project for our publication.

What do you need to do?

Submit a quick initial form with some details on the project you would like to publish, responding to the following questions:

  1. Why do you think the project was a success and important to capture and share with the wider industry?
  2. What were the key challenges in delivering the project?
  3. Were there any entrepreneurial or innovative approaches you and your team brought to the project or used to make it successful?
  4. What are you specifically proud of with this project?
  5. Is there one learning or piece of advice from this project that you’d like to share with the wider built environment industry?
What happens next?
  • The open call will close at 10:00 am on Thursday 19 October.

  • We will be in touch shortly after to let you know if your project has been selected for publishing.

  • If selected, we will then work with your team to assist you in writing up and recording your project in early November.

  • Content will be finalised, and we will need any required approvals by your Authority Comms team by the beginning of December.