Non-Executive Finance Director

Remuneration: Unpaid, travel expenses covered
Location: Mostly remote
Commitment: Minimum of 60 hours per year
Term: Minimum three-year commitment
Start Date: 7 September 2022


Public Practice is looking to appoint a Non-Executive Finance Director who can help provide financial advice and direction as we grow. The organisation is scaling its services and operations, and the support and role of the Board of Directors in the coming years will be critical to Public Practice’s ongoing success.

Public Practice is managed day-to-day by an executive team of eight paid employees. The staff have a large amount of delegated responsibilities but report regularly to the Board of Directors who are legally responsible for the organisation’s work. All Directors are required to:

  • Direct Public Practice’s strategy.

  • Ensure legal and contractual requirements are met.

  • Ensure the organisation’s financial health is maintained.

  • Support the ongoing governance of the organisation.

  • Recruit and induct new board members.

  • Be sufficiently independent to provide objective criticism.

  • Ensure the team is performing, by checking that objectives are being met and key information is being reported properly and on time.

  • Support the setting of staff remuneration budget and oversee the appointment of senior executives and succession planning.

  • Support the continued development of senior staff members and monitor and stretch the quality and depth of work produced by the team.

  • Ensures the organisation appropriately monitors and manages its risk


Finance is currently managed by the Chief Operating Officer and Operations Manager who maintain day-to-day book-keeping via XERO, and with support from external accountants who advise on tax and financial planning issues, as well as submit VAT and annual returns on behalf of the company. We are looking to recruit a Non-Executive Finance Director who would:

  • Provide Financial Management Support: The applicant is expected to demonstrate relevant qualifications and experience as this role will involve maintaining an overview of the financial affairs at an exciting time of the expansion of the organisation nationally. The Finance Director will support the Company in ensuring effective financial controls are in place commensurate with risk, and to oversee sound budgeting, monitoring and reporting of the financial health of the Company.

  • Oversee Financial Planning: the Non-Executive Finance Director is expected to be able to advise the company on financial planning. For example, helping to review financial projections and modelling for the organisation beyond the day-to-day operations. The applicant should demonstrate an understanding of the needs of a small not-for-profit company and having income from a variety of revenues, government grants or donations.

  • Be a key member of the Finance sub-committee: The Non-Executive Finance Director would be expected to participate in regular Finance sub-committee meetings, to include another Non-Executive Director and the senior executive team.

  • Provide clear communications: The Non-Executive Finance Director would be expected to be able to bridge different levels of knowledge and understanding of Finance through clear communications for eg. the accountants, the team and the Board, ensuring different stakeholders have the right level of information and detail to be able to make effective financial and strategic decisions.

Candidates are not expected to have prior experience as a Financial Director, but we are looking for someone who is familiar working with SME’s and ideally those with a mix of revenue, donation and grant income. We are looking for individuals who are:

  • Committed to our values (in particular relevance to this role is EEDI, openness, transparency and excellence)

  • Interested in the services Public Practice offers

  • Able to use individual skills, perspective and experience to be a critical friend, enhancing our work and impact.

  • Enthusiastic and have the time available to commit to the role.

Public Practice is passionate about being an equal opportunities organisation and we value the diversity of perspectives that people from different backgrounds bring to our work. We are actively seeking candidates who can bring a range of different experiences and viewpoints to our Board, and who represent diverse groups. We positively encourage applications from eligible candidates regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender identification, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or socio-economic background. If you feel that this is something you can offer but are not sure whether you fulfil other aspects of the job description, we would strongly encourage you to contact us to explore the role further and see whether it could be right for you.


The Non-Executive Finance Director role is a pro-bono position, and domestic travel expenses will be reimbursed (hybrid options are also available). Board members are appointed for a minimum of three years and our Articles of Association are currently under review, that will confirm the process of re-appointment. Directors are required to commit to:

  • Attending four Board meetings a year. Board meetings last on average two hours, with one meeting a year extended to a longer strategy day. Meetings are held hybridly, with one in-person meeting a year.

  • Participating in regular sub-committee meetings online (approx 1 hour every 2 months).

  • Investing time to read papers (approx. 4 hours per quarter).

  • Attending training sessions or workshops for the Board.

  • Making yourself available for regular discussions and exchanges with the Chair and senior executives.

  • Attending key industry and Public Practice events, or ad-hoc meetings as required.

  • Participate in other Board related activities, for eg. interviewing new Board members


Applicants should submit a CV and short (maximum one page) covering letter setting out which role you are applying for, your motivations for joining Public Practice and the relevant experience that you will bring. All applications should be submitted on Workable via the button at the bottom of this page. (We do not accept applications outside of this system).


Wednesday 10 August 14:00: Deadline for applications
Monday 15 August 10:00–13:00: Selected applicants attending an online interview
Monday 29 August: Confirmation of appointments to be made
Wednesday 7 September: New Director required to attend our September board meeting (as an Observer in the first instance)